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Mills Heavy Hauling Limited is a leader of providing heavy equipment transport, open and enclosed storage, as well as equipment setup and dismantling services. In the early 1980's Nova Scotia saw strong growth in the Offshore Industry and the company was positioned well to take advantage. Beginning with the transportation of tubulars for companies like Husky Oil and Shell, the company was able to forge strong relationships due to its commitment to service at affordable prices. The next step was to open up and manage pipe yards for Husky and Shell, and later for Lamso and PanCanadian. These yards are located only minutes from the Halifax Waterfront and offer customers a very efficient and affordable means of managing their tubular and equipment inventory. Encana still occupies over 6 acres at our pipe yard facility.

Although the company saw its main focus to be the Offshore Industry, old ties in the construction field still flourish today. A fleet of dump trucks is kept busy most of the year hauling and spreading gravel, removing demolition, or working on excavation projects. A specialized fleet of low bed or float type trailers is maintained year round moving such things as bulldozers, front end loaders and excavators. And crane trucks have always been part of the Mills fleet.

The capstone of the company is its ability to successfully move heavy and awkward items, such as transformers up to 200 tons, oil field equipment - like blow out protectors and offshore living accommodations - boilers, rail cars and excavators have all been handled without incident over the past 20 years. It is when you have the most challenging transportation problem that Mills Heavy Hauling can help you the most.

There have been many factors over the years that have allowed Mills Heavy Hauling to prosper in a not always growing economy. The excellent geographic location of the pipe yard, the commitment to safety, and the state of the art communications systems are but a few. However, the company's focus on dependable, affordable service - every time, anytime - keeps its customers coming back.

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